Adrien Broner Racist Rant On Asian’s And Manny Pacquiao At La Press Convention


Broner doesnt push himself. Just like he did with Mikey Garcia. When theres a point in a struggle the place its the time to step up…he simply does not. Haymon’s welterweight secure is stacked and Broner is a high-reward, low-risk battle so he can battle nearly anyone he wants. I stand corrected on both counts.

He gets up to too much trouble round here, I see it on his Instagram almost every day. Go do a training camp within the woods or one thing. AB didn’t look that unhealthy in his fight a yr in the past. Took him awhile to get going but that’s anticipated when you’re out of the ring for a pair years. I’ll be rooting for him. Maidens hits like a mule and has weird punches from all angles.

Now, everyone wants to see his delusional ass get knocked the fuck out by the following welterweight. Sports competitor is biased? Chess is a sport, hop scotch is a sport. I can piss on my submissive and keen associate and name it a water sport. These people are always up there and they are often dismissed as rapidly as they pop-up.

Plus he had recently introduced in grasp tactician coach Robert Garcia. Classy to marginalize a race of people by stating that you “like Chipotle”. This is like the Stevenson smack discuss to Kovalev. Yeah, I have no idea why Floyd is giving Maidana a rematch after he lost their last battle towards each other. Looks like he has a seizure each time his counters fail to hit its mark.

Pacquiao good left to the physique. Pacquiao lunges in with a flurry with a few scoring blows. He lands a left hook and Pacquiao with a left. Pacquiao making a concerted effort to go to the body whic we don’t incessantly see from him. Broner with a examine hook.

I assume after that Broner couldn’t decide what was real and what was fake and simply stayed shelled up. I mean Floyd nearly never got hit hut when he did he shook head. Even MMA fighter Kevin Lee who trains at Floyds gym bioshock tattoo in game does it all the time. He tries to be floyd mayweather and he jsut isn’t that.

If you do your post will be removed and relying in your historical past you’ll be banned. There is a link to order the PPV by way of Showtime. In America, that’s the solely way to watch the struggle.



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