“elizabeth I” Emmy Winner

When this puzzle has been accomplished, put nine holes over the grid and prepare the letters shown to type an appropriate two-word phrase . The answer and winners’ names will seem on Friday, Nov. 12, at /wordplay. The circled letters within the answers to the seven starred clues, reading left to proper or high to backside, spell words that may complete acquainted phrases that begin with “break.” When this puzzle is completed, the circled letters will form a path (starting in the first circle of 93-Across) spelling out the puzzle’s theme.

Each spring it organizes a campuswide crossword match. Other colleges with crossword clubs embrace Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Texas Christian. Brown’s club, though, has essentially the most members with revealed puzzles. Every size of answer wildly irrational algorithm makes healthcare decisions from 3 to fifteen letters – except one – appears on this puzzle. The circles in this puzzle are contained in words that type a sequence. Connect these circles, in the order of the sequence, to form an appropriate image.

Some of the boxes are divided in half and include a letter inside the bottom half. The letter within the top half is part of the crossword reply. When this puzzle is done, unscramble the 5 circled letters to find out how the circles may have been left with the puzzle’s resolution still being appropriate. When this puzzle is completed, join the circled letters in alphabetical order, and then again to the start, to disclose one thing seen on the 32-Down 4-Down. Every letter in the answer to each asterisked clue appears an even number of occasions in that answer … Altogether, these eight unpaired letters can be arranged to spell the answer to 68- and 70-Across.

There is a punctuation mark someplace in the theme reply that cannot be replicated in some digital formats. We recommend using the first letter of that punctuation mark. A sure three-letter word, acceptable to this puzzle’s theme, goes in the unnumbered center sq.. We asked some favorite Times crossword contributors, “What would you like to do in a every day Times crossword that has never been carried out before?” This week’s puzzles, Monday to Saturday, are the result. In the print version of this puzzle, there is a special further clue (under the heading “AROUND”) whose answer begins in the circled square.

The phrase “in dire straits” originated on the planet of sail, and is a reference to a vessel navigating a harmful channel of water, a dire strait. We use the term “bus” for a mode of transportation as it’s an abbreviated type of the original “omnibus”. We imported “omnibus” via French from Latin, by which language it means “for all”. If voices needed to be altered on the soundtrack of a film, that means double the work as there must be a re-recording. “Dub” is short for “double”, and is a term we’ve been utilizing since the late 1920s.

She is the oldest identified puzzlemaker in the newspaper’s historical past. Every crossword this week, from Monday to Saturday, has been created by a member of the Puzzling Association of Brown University. Founded in 2008, the scholar club has about 30 members, who meet weekly in the course of the college 12 months to resolve and focus on puzzles.

The print model of the puzzle lacks circles, and incorporates components within the grid that Across Lite can’t reproduce. Elizabeth helped launched Cate Blanchett to superstardom—she won a quantity of awards for her performance, together with a Golden Globe. The movie itself additionally obtained recognition as it took home Academy Awards for Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Makeup.