Emperor Emmanuel A Dangerous Doomsday Cult

They usually are not suppose to contact any blood relations. Only a hundred and forty four,000 will go to heaven which is the Ark. Joseph Ponnara and his preachers needed all believers to sell their properties and take money to his ft. They preach Acts of the Apostolics to compel people to sell. People are mind washed & hypnotised to keep under their spell. People who doesn’t convey cash to their ft to slave them and do all the work beneath their control.

He too has already come into the world. When you learn “Christ” within the Bible, substitute it with “Emmanuel” and browse sons of the soil full episodes. His name isn’t Jesus Christ, and NEVER WILL BE CHRIST.

The members embrace 270 priests, about one hundred seminarians and 200 folks, each men and women, residing in consecrated celibacy. Zion believes with nice fervour that Holy Mother is the Mother of Holy Wisdom (Wis. 6/12; Wis. 8/4; Wis. 9/9), and it’s through this Wisdom that we comprehend the true meaning of the Word and that the Word illumines. Zion confesses that Holy Mary is the Ambassador of the Father in all His redemptive works, and by living in Zion and making them of one mind, She will prepare Zion for the Second Pentecost (Bar. 3/37). There are certain traits for this so known as “Zion” community they’re; they contemplate themselves as a community believes in Jesus Christ and his incarnation, evangelization, ardour demise and resurrection.

This struggle is not against any church; Its ultimately between God and the devil. We know who has gained as its already mentioned in the word of God. Now Mr. Ponnara will have some more analysis to do and add it to his listing of talks which he reads when he preaches. N same talks occurring right now 12.04 am.7jan2020. Now wat to say,we should not say something mistaken abt this prayer group.

Thwill come on this earth to do so.-All the prophets who have been given obligation along with Emperor Emmanuel have come on the earth. The teachings of the Emperor Emmanuel cult range from the ridiculous to the blasphemous, from the hatefto the heretical. Thousands of Catholics from as far away as Bangalore, Mangalore and Mumbai have joinedEmperor Emmanuel or simply left the Church after attending the retreats of Joseph Ponnara.

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My sisters two daughters went for retreat on this place. They have been influenced by their co-workers. I can see the difference in their life.

Zion is the little flock that believes that Jesus Christ has come again in flesh, his true name is Emmanuel and that he’ll transfigure and take them to the Eternal City within the New Earth. Therefore, Zion stays away from all evils and removes all idols from her coronary heart and awaits his glorious manifestation. Zion believes that God the Father will come to visit them and when He comes, they will turn into like Him and they also eagerly wait for Him. Zion is the flock that waits for Holy Mother who is the Mother of Wisdom and the Seat of the Life-giving Law and for the second Pentecost throughout which they’d receive the total fruit of the Holy Spirit. The drawback is that many individuals imagine him.

However like other sects they don’t reject Mother Mary quite they themselves have made a prayer equal to Hail Mary in the Catholic Church. It is as follows “Hail Mary full of God’s grace, the Lord is with us, Blessed are you among ladies and Blessed is the fruit of your womb Emmanuel. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us your children that we be full of immeasurable Love, Power and Grace. Amen.” It is written by John Thachil Francis- one of the prominent followers of the sect. The face on the acute right isn’t of Jesus, however of the Father, in accordance with cult founder Joseph Ponnara. Most of members of this sect were the members of the charismatic prayer group.

Emperor Emmanuel believes that the Second Coming and the tip of the world are imminent. With the help of ‘science’ they persuade their followers that the Biblical signs of the apocalypse have already occurred. Meanwhile, Mayookha refuted the allegations and stated, “No woman would threat her personal popularity and make a rape allegation for winning a church dispute. In the 2000-year lengthy historical past of the Catholic Church, there are a variety of cults began by some dissenting members who’re principally psychos and are rebellious in nature. There are historic dataof many such cults that had been prevalent on this century. Some had been giant with an enrolled membership of up to fifty thousand, whereas some others have been comparatively small.