Migrate Definition & Which Means


As it progresses downstream of the perforation the vortex diffuses and its core migrates away from the floor. Alternatively, a change in subsidence charges within the graben could have led to common erosive removing of fine-grained floodbasin facies by actively migrating channels. The raw materials and different information level to planned strikes towards specific locations within the river valleys for the interception of migrating reindeer herds.

No schools are held during the summer season months, and the lecturers usually turn shepherds, as on this case, and migrate with their flocks to the mountains. He had already gone out of town; he shrank from the rigor of the London “season” and it was his habit to migrate on the primary of June. In that case he might migrate together with his family and switch half of his serfs to the brand new property; and thus he would safe the primary object of this design.

Pilling comes from nonstructural fabric fibers that migrate to the highest of the fabric over time. They migrate up the rivers prime spawn, and this upstream migration is named the ‘ run ‘. Their presence in wild fowl reservoirs, especially those species identified emigrate lengthy distances, are potentially of high significance.

See how each words are used through several sentence examples. Learn tips on how to maintain emigration vs. immigration straight through a simple reminiscence trick. A simple sentence with “migrate” accommodates can i buy my balls in your jaws a topic and a verb, and it might also have an object and modifiers. However, it contains just one independent clause.

If you discover the words ‘emigrate’ and ‘immigrate’ confusing, here’s a great way to recollect them. When we journey to a different nation, the place the place people’s passports and visas are checked is called ‘immigration’. My grandparents immigrated to Australia in search of better job opportunities. ‘To emigrate’ means to leave your personal country and go and reside in one other country, permanently. We can use the word ‘migrate’ to talk concerning the movement of animals or people.

The Moros had been the final of the Malays to migrate to the islands; they came after their conversion to the Mahommedan religion, and their migration continued until the Spanish conquest. But Raimi stated older wells symbolize a larger environmental risk than new ones as a outcome of steel and cement erode over time, permitting for fluids to migrate inside the nicely bore, which might lead to water contamination. Rewrite a) sentence in the type of the b) sentence. Migrateas used in the definition of “Active Capital” has the identical meaning as set forth in Section 6 of the Investors Rights Agreement. Migratemeans the method of shifting the advertiser accounts and micro-marketplace categories of Paid Search Services and Contextual Advertising Services accounts collaborating in Yahoo!



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