See Kelly Ripa And More Stars With The Weirdest Belly Buttons In Hollywood!


The only real question we must be asking is if her extra little piggy went to the market or if it stayed residence. Oprah later dismissed this sixth toe rumor on an episode of her show. Now all she has to do is pull a Josef Stalin and erase all photographic evidence of her freak foot ever present.

A great smile, tremendous appearing chops, unbelievable range, and a pinky so crooked it may make a porn star’s dick jealous. During a childhood basketball sport, Denzel broke his finger and never had it put again into place. Who knows what would have occurred if he had indeed gotten that pinky fixed? He may kobe in rincon have continued together with his basketball career and Chris Tucker would be often recognized as the best African-American actor of our time. Thank goodness the United States does not present its citizens with common healthcare.

But don’t worry if you have had your hernia mounted and also you stomach button still doesn’t look good. You can nonetheless have a beauty stomach button process that improves the looks. Cosmetic surgical procedure of the belly button, or umbilicoplasty, has turn out to be one of the frequent in-office procedures that I perform.

Could rising up feeling different be the reasoning as to why Corgan chose a darker style of music? If you are really serious about it, you’ve too much time in your arms. I guess that is still better than having a blotchy stain on them. “Guys, John Stamos has a gross stomach button,” he stated, reading someone’s Twitter submit.

No photographic evidence exists of Andy Garcia’s conjoined twin. If I had to guess as to why nobody ever snapped a photograph it’s as a result of it will be extremely creepy to take an image of a dead twin hooked up to your living child’s shoulder. Garcia was too younger to remember the ordeal.

Celebrities learn social media put-downs, and their reactions are hilarious. Stamos has an internet series referred to as Losing Your Virginity With John Stamos in which he interviews celebrities about their first sexual experience. Oddly, that title was additionally our largest want within the ’90s. The actor will flip 50 in August, proving once and for all that the fountain of youth really does exist. His actual last name is Stamotopoulos, which might be straightforward to conclude is from Greek descent.

There is NO belly button seen on this picture. Depending on your scenario, the process may not be worth the threat. Also, in case you are a women and getting pregnant is in your future plans, it’s finest to carry off on the surgery to avoid undoing the results. An umbilical hernia is a gap in the belly wall and results in the protrusion of fat or gut.



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