Why Is Liz De La Torres Rodriguez; The White Girl That Falsely Accused An Innocent Black Of Stealing Her Son’s Cellphone Not Arrested For Making A False Police Report? She Works At Kaiser Located At Riverside California


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Now, the company that this girl is allegedly employed by is investigating the matter. Figure 5 Adjusted 30‐day postoperative pulmonary issues fee in sufferers with pre‐operative SARS‐CoV‐2 an infection stratified by COVID‐19 signs. Full model and results are available in on-line Supporting Information (Appendix S1, Tables S13–S14). A girl racially profiles and falsely accuses black man of stealing her son’s phone at Walmart in Moreno Valley, California.

She has reportedly since been recognized as Liz de la Torres, a Kaiser worker. Eventually, Bryant asks the lady for her name, and she or he suggests that they simply “call the cops.” She then complains about being recorded and says she didn’t “come after him,” implying that she politely requested the person if he had her son’s phone. The man ultimately heads again inside to speak to an worker, when the woman’s son walks in with the cellphone in question. Video captures the lady complained to a store manager while Ja’Shear accuses ‘Karen’ – a pejorative time period used to explain a white woman exacting her sense of privilege or superiority to others – of ‘racially profiling’ him.

He intends to file a police report in opposition to the woman and has already been contacted by a discrimination lawyer. Bryant then says the girl tracked the cellphone and determined it was located in the car parking zone next to his car. Bryant repeatedly assured her that he did not have the system. Bryant turned to the digital camera, saying he was “definitely pressing charges” for racial profiling.

Another day, another case of a “Karen” causing mayhem! This time, a white lady in California confronted a Black teen who she accused of stealing her cellular phone. Internet sleuths zoomed in on the woman’s shirt which had the name and brand of Kaiser Permanente, a healthcare organization in California.

Similar to how Miya Ponsetto attacked a young Black boy at a SoHo resort in New York City, minus the violence, a young Black man was accosted and accused of stealing the phone of a shopper’s son as he filmed the interaction, in a now-viral video. “Once again, our persons are being subjected to unjust racial profiling & harassment over a CELLPHONE! She didn’t even have the common decency to apologize for her FALSE accusation! This habits maegan adkins barras is disgusting & incredibly dangerous!! ” outspoken civil rights lawyer Ben Crump wrote on Twitter. “This man will get harassed at Walmart for ‘existing whereas Black’, and when the woman gets confronted by her own ignorance and racial profiling, she tells the man to ‘go eff yourself’, all while withholding any apology,” wrote one other.

Seems to me like the girl in query learned completely nothing. Someone even observed that she is sporting a @kpthrive shirt. Sad example for her children,” mentioned one other Twitter.

More people begin fundraisers on GoFundMe than on another platform. Kaiser Permanente revealed the video was dropped at their consideration and they will be investigating the situation. She might have apologized, but continued to victimize the harmless guy even after the darn cellphone appeared.

The two entered the Walmart once more, and Bryant informed an worker she had run after him. When the employee told Bryant he couldn’t document, he replied, “this is for my safety.” Seconds later the woman’s son approached with his cellphone in his hand. “The proven truth that she is unable to be remorseful about the scenario is why this continues to occur as a end result of she felt she is right to falsely accuse somebody of a legal offense. This may have gone left a pair other ways,” said one Twitter consumer. Bryant filmed the interaction and posted the footage on social media and YouTube.

Bryant says the lady was eyeing him within the retailer at around the time her child’s cellphone had seemingly gone lacking. Celebrates the girl, the artist, the diva, the good friend, the mentor―the many sides of Celia’s extraordinary life―through the lens of completed photographer Alexis Rodriguez-Duarte, her longtime friend. Rodriguez-Duarte shares many by no means earlier than published pictures and recounts the intimate tales of their distinctive fifteen-year collaboration and friendship, from quiet backstage moments to explosive stay performances. Ballotpedia options 359,931 encyclopedic articles written and curated by our professional employees of editors, writers, and researchers.



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